About smartIBOOK

The smartIBOOK app is useful for publishing the books or magazines on the Android tablets and iPad platform. The users can publish unlimited number of books with each book having a maximum size of 20 MB. The readers can download the books and read through the pages. They can also leave a bookmark for future reference. The app provides options to increase or decrease the font size with zoom control.

The social media is shared with the smartIBOOK app which can be used for referring books or leave comments. The book readers can also get the details of the publishing company and contact them easily.

The smartIBOOK is an excellent app that can provide the convenience of book-reading for the users using the hand-held devices. It gives the flexibility to access the books at anytime from anywhere. Readers get a thrilling experience while the publishers get the fame and business.

About smartIBOOK
Anroid tablet and iPad app to your magazines

android tablet & ipad applicaton

The SmartIBOOK app from NDOT Technologies is suitable for both Android tablet and iPad application. These platforms provide the clarity for reading the published digital books. The books are displayed on the touch screen in array.

The screen size and display features of Android tablet and Apple iPad perfectly synchronize for providing the visual clarity to read the book contents.

landscape & portrait

The smartIBOOK app provides option for readers to set the orientation layout of the digital contents. They can choose either landscape or portrait layout. The display of contents gets automatically adjusted for the selected orientation. The user can also change the orientation from portrait to landscape or vice versa at anytime for convenient book-reading.

Magazine apps in landscape and portrait view
Browse your magazine in android tablet and iPad

browse, read & turn

Reading the books or magazine using the smartIBOOK apps is quite similar to real-time book surfing experience. The user can browse through all the displayed books one by one, or search for a particular book by typing the book name in the available list box. One can read through the pages of book and turn the pages easily using the touch screen.


Reading the book contents published by the smartIBOOK app has few advantages when compared to reading a book in reality. The app provides options for zooming the page contents that can increase the visibility of the digital contents. The reader can zoom-in or zoom-out the page contents to the desired size or level with impressive touch screen control.

The zoom option is made available always at the top of the page for easy access. The reader can utilize the option anytime or it can be closed at will. The zoom control can be freely moved over any part of the page for clarity reading.

This zoom option is very useful for the readers to go through the digital contents that are displayed within the screen size of Android tablet and Apple iPad. It helps the users to read the contents without any difficulty.

Zoom out the magazine pages in android tablet and iPad
Download the magazine from android tablet and iPad


The books that are published by the smartIBOOK apps are displayed on the Android tablets and iPad application just as they are placed on a shelf. The user can browse the shelf and find the desired books. If the user likes to read a book, then the book has to be downloaded into his device. The app guides to download the book easily for further reading.

The reader can surf through the pages of the book only after downloading the book. Each book is limited to 20 MB size only for easy handling though one can publish unlimited number of books.


Since the smartIBOOK app allows the users to publish unlimited number of books into the book shelf, the reader gets a huge collection of books. Due to this reason, the app provides the bookmarking facility for the readers. The readers can browse through the books in the shelf and bookmark the favorite books for future reference.

The reader can select a book and leave a bookmark. The bookmarking option stores the link of a particular book. All the bookmark links are populated in a list for quick access. This helps to organize the reader's favorite books.

The bookmarking option is preferred by the readers since it reduces the complexity of locating the books. The bookmark stores only the links without occupying much memory. The reader can always choose to download the books that are bookmarked by following the link to reach the shelf. These bookmarks can also be used for referring books to others.

Book readers can add the magazine to bookmark list
Share about your business

about us

The book publishers can provide an introduction to their company by using the About Us option available with the smartIBOOK app. The readers who are interested to get more information about the publishers can refer to this page. The About Us page is exclusively included for the publishing company to enter the details of their organization.

The app also provides the reader with options to search the About Us page to find any particular details or interest about the publishing company.

contact us

The user can contact the publisher of the books easily with the information on the contact us page. The smartIBOOK app allows the book publisher to furnish the complete contact details such as email, phone number, and SMS. The mailing address can also be entered into the contact us page. The user can send an email or SMS or call the publisher just on a single click.

The smartIBOOK is a complete app for the publishers since it allows to publish books as well as provides an open channel for the customers to contact back.

Your customers will contact you from android tablet and iPad
Your customers will share about your apps in facebook and twitter

Social Media Share

The social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are integrated with the smartIBOOK application. The readers can recommend or refer their favorite books to their friends or relatives using the shared social media. They can also leave a comment or opinion about the books on Facebook or Twitter which can indirectly help the publisher to promote their business.

The smartIBOOK app is an excellent choice for both publishers and readers since it allows them to keep a constant update with the society via social media share.

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